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Elephants across the globe are subjected to immense cruelties at the hands of human greed – from captivity, hunting, and entertainment. While most people are aware of these majestic animals being used for the circus, trekking, and tourism industries, there is another form of exploitation that exists. In India, elephants are also used to participate in cultural and religious festivals.

During these festivals, elephants are paraded through the streets surrounded by strange noises, shouting people, and crowded streets. As if that weren’t enough, an elephant named Mangalamkunnu Karnan is suffering tremendously in head lifting competitions. Most of the elephants that participate in these painful displays of strength are owned by private elephant owners, which is the case with Mangalamkunnu Karnan.

This type of entertainment consists of forcing elephants to keep their heads and trunks up for unnatural and painful lengths of time while they have ornate and heavy decorations attached to them. Most of the elephants that participate in these painful displays of strength are owned by private elephant owners, which is the case with Mangalamkunnu Karnan.


Most elephants used for entertainment are taken away from their mothers at a very young age with the mothers often brutally killed while trying to protect their young. The young elephants are then sold and endure agonizing torture to be broken and trained. They are forced into a life of captivity and servitude, all for the purposes of human entertainment.

These innocent animals are trained for these competitions using bullhooks, knives, or sticks to keep their heads up. They are kept in chains with no social interactions with other elephants, an important part of normal elephant life. As of now, this poor elephant is still being forced to participate in these head lifting competitions all over Kerela, including temple festivals, churches, and mosques.

Imagine the distress this is surely causing an old elephant like Mangalamkunnu! This elephant has clearly served enough time and deserves to finally rest and enjoying just being an elephant.

Please sign the petition and be a voice of compassion for Mangalamkunnu Karnan.

Buzz Petition
Image Source: Vinu M/Youtube

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8 Months Ago

fcking human ignorance. humans disgust me

8 Months Ago



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