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What if you could fight deforestation while browsing the Internet? Well, now you can! Introducing Ecosia.

Ecosia is a search engine that uses ad revenue to plant trees all over the world, particularly in Burkina Faso. Founded in December 2009 by German entrepreneur Christian Koll, Ecosia has two million active users and has planted 3,523,742 trees, thus far! “I knew I wanted to work on a product that would benefit the user as well as society and the environment,” Kroll said in an email to ThinkProgress. “So I started traveling the world for inspiration and taught myself some programming.” 

According to their website, it takes 12 seconds to plant a tree and only costs 28 cents per tree. The site gives at least 80 percent of its profits to its tree-planting effort. With an area of forest the size of two football field cleared every second somewhere in the world, Ecosia is a vital player in repopulating our planet with trees.

It is no secret that deforestation is having a major impact on the planet’s ability to mitigate climate change, but this practice also destroys ecosystems and strips animals of their natural habitats – approximately 137 species of plants, animals and insects become extinct every day. That’s 50,000 species a year! The effects of deforestation are profound and have rippling consequences. To break that down a bit more – consider this, an estimated 50,000 orangutans have been killed due to deforestation, and 90-95 percent of Brazil’s rainforests have been destroyed on the Atlantic coast. Those are just a few of examples of many.

So next time you want to scour the web for all the cute cat videos out there, why not plant some trees in the process? With just a click, you’ll help them generate the ad revenue needed to plant a tree. To learn more, click here.

Image source: Malene Thyssen/Wikimedia Commons

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1 Years Ago


1 Years Ago

The Indian documented wisdom of tree planting several millenium years ago is reproduced for your campaign on tree planting;

H/1103, Mantri Tranquil,
Off Kanakpura Road,Gubbalala,
Bangalore - 560061
Karnataka State, India

An effect of climate change you could really lose sleep over

The governments all over the world are breaking their head and heart on the gloom and doom effects of global warming. The uncontrolled consumption of fossil fuels and its consequent global warming effect are known crystal clearly to these governments; and fully knowing these, they still struggle to find a "clean solution" for "green energy".

The following sanskrit subhashitam (subhashitam in sanskrit means "well said") crystal clearly enlightens the importance of ecological balance, global warming, carbon sequesteration, cloud formation for rains, etc. etc.

दश गुह समो कूपो दशकूपसमा वापी दशवापीसमो ह्रदः।
दशह्रदसमः पुत्रो दशपुत्र समो द्रुमः ॥
- मत्स्य पुराण

dashakUpasamaa vaapI dashavaapIsamo hradaH|
dashahradasamaH putro dashaputra samo drumaH||
- matsya puraaNa

Meaning of the subhAShita:

The water needs of ten houses are met by one well.
A pond is equal to ten wells. A dansk of water (reservoir/dam) is worth ten (such) ponds. (Then again,) ten (such) reservoirs are same as a son (offspring). (But), a tree is equal to ten (such) sons.

Water is an integral part of life\'s very existence which nature has endowed human beings on this earth. That is why it is called the ambroisia and the elixir of life. In fact, we have known man to send out space ships to different spacial objects like mars mission, moon mission, etc., just to detect the existence of water. When such is the case, a well obviously is an invaluable asset to living beings. A well after all, is a small body of water. Without a doubt, a pond can easily be equated to even equal ten such sons!! That is none other than a \'tree\'.

The water in ten ponds can be easily contained in a reservoir. But then, a son (good, cultured, educated one specially not the "NAGARASURA" i.e. urbanised urbanites type of the various Metro city Municipal Corporations and other government agencies in road widening, metro rail projects and other so called "developmental" projects, is no match to even ten such reservoirs! Because, a child quenches the thirst of the parents, in a similar way!! But then, there is something that can even equal ten such sons!! He is capable of planting and developing several forests of trees in the streets, in his own gardens, in public gardens. That is capable of multiplying in geometrical proportions of the \'trees\'.

Why is that? Simple maths. 01 = 0 (read zero raised to the power of one); 11(read one raised to the power of=1; 101(read ten raised to the power of one)=10; 102(read ten raised to the power of two)=100; 103(read ten raised to the power of 3) = 1000! and so on and so forth. How can 1 tree equal 10 sons or 100 reservoirs or 1000 ponds or 10,000 wells?!!! Well... :), here\'s the deal. One tree in it\'s life time, holds in clouds that can equal all of the above bodies of water. How about a son. How can a tree be better than him? It sure is, because, a person who plants it today will never know how many people shall benefit from that tree. A pipal tree(the holy tree of India) and a banyan tree, the seed of which is less than the size of mustard seed compresses its mega lifepan of 3000 years in the seed ! And during its full lifetime, it is capable of absorbing the carbon di oxide from the atmosphere equivalent to several mega tons. Whereas humans (THE BBMPs NAGARASURA) pollute the atmosphere irresponsibly. Carbon sequesteration ! That is how God ideated, conceived, conceptualized, planned designed and executed his creations in this world. That is so even for a single strand a of grass or sand in the desert. In reality, the true meaning of life is said to be - to plant trees, under whose shade one does not expect to sit! The many fruit the tree bears, shall satiate the hunger of birds/animal/people. It acts as the greatest of the greatest catalyst to gather moisture bearing clouds that it gives as bonus to shower rains to humankind. Many a rain clouds it might bring pure rain water to the neighborhood and quench the thirst of the needy and irrigate several acres of standing crops. When he plants the sapling, he is actually doing service to many beings without realizing. Moreover, the tree may live there for several several several generations beyond the planter and his son great and great great great grandsons……and still keep serving the people, giving them water, the ambrosia of life, the elixir of life, shade to protect from the sun’s heat gather and congragate in the sky moisture bearing clouds for rain shower and fruit to nurish birds, animals and the greedy and avaricious man’s indulgences, wood for furniture, seeds for oil, etc., etc. .

Hence a tree is equated to so many things. Then what does felling a tree mean? It means we are, with our own bare hands, although theoretically, slaying so many sons and drying up so many water sources!

It is said that trees are the best antiques and the groves were God\'s first temples. Strive and save those antique temples now and always!

pada vigrahaH:
दश-कूप-समा वापी दश-वापी-समो ह्रदः।
dasha-kUpa-samaa vaapI dasha-vaapI-samo hradaH|

दश-ह्रद-समः पुत्रो दश-पुत्र समो द्रुमः ॥
dasha-hrada-samaH putro dasha-putra samo drumaH||

स्थितिरुचै अप्रदूषित प्रकाशोरजा ददाति प्रदिदिने महतां महत दिनकर: |
पातालास्थित: प्रदूषित ऊर्जा ददाति तथापि आप्तोक्तिम खननम तथोपरी शिलाद्युत्कर्षणं स्वीक्र्तम ||

Meaning of the subhashita:
The sungod gives energy day by day and for many days to this greatest of the great world (without any global warming effects). One has to know the exact and suitable location (after geographic and seismic surveys and estimated reserves) and thereafter mine and extract the fossil fuels which involves laborious tasks involving man and machines. (also consumption of fossil fuel for energy results in global warming)
The sun gives enormous, nay, ginormous amount of energy magnanimously to the world without any greenhouse gas emissions. One can install solar panels and generate electricity likewise without any greenhouse gas emissions leading to global warming helping the government initiatives in this regard. If wind and sun\'s rays are tapped, we can have a hybrid method for generating electricity in our complex. The energy produced by burning/combusting the fossil fuels emits carbon di oxide in the atmosphere leading to global warming as a concomitant of the greenhouse gas emission effects. The plant kingdom uses the sun’s rays for its photosynthesis process by absorbing sun’s rays and carbon di oxide in the atmosphere and releases pure oxygen, thus controlling the carbon di oxide and oxygen balance and equillibrium in the atmosphere. This is nature’s way of carbon sequesteration, bringing equilibrium to the global warming. It is also revealed in (BHAGAVAT GEETA verse- aham vaisvanaro bhutva praninam deham ashritaha - prana apana samayuktam pachamyannam charurvidam). Meaning: I, remaining in the form of natural vegetation, maintain the equilibrium of oxigen and carbon di oxide, and magnanimously nourish humans and animals with food and digest the food taken.

Hydro carbon extraction like crude oil, coal involves mining the earth. It involves geographical/hydrocarbon geological hydrocarbon study and geological surveys throwing out seismic data, data mining, analysis of the data,estimation of the proven reserves, etc. Thereafter, selection of production technology and engage / commit resources - men and machines,materials,moments,money, information and communication to mine the earth by digging and drilling and thereafter extracting the crude oil natural gas or coal as the case may be. Which again are required to be further processed into naphta, petrol,diesel,kerosene, ATF, etc., and in the case of gas it has to be transported from the production site to the consumer thru pipelines for consumption by domestic/industrial consumers.
That is intelligence, which extracts energy directly from sun without the green house gas emission effects and global warming effects.
Jay ho Suryanarayana! Victory to Sun Jay ho Aditya! Victory to Sun Jay ho Bhaskara! Victory to Sun Jay ho Dinakara! Victory to Sun Jay ho Divakara! Victory to Sun(solar energy) jay ho pavan kumar (wind energy)
(suryanarayana, Aditya, bhaskara Dinakara, Divakara are names for the Sun in Sanskrit pavan means wind– and Jay in Sanskrit means victor/winner/conquerer).

अहं वैश्वानरो भूत्वा प्राणिनां देहमाश्रित: |

प्राणापानसमायुक्त: पचाम्यन्नं चतुर्विधम् || Bhagavat Geeta Ch:15 - Verse-14

I, in the form of natural vegetation, enable beings, both animate and inanimate, enter and enrish their bodies, absorbing carbon-di-oxide and releasing, oxygen, to the atmosphere in the process.

It is a well known fact, plant kingdom absorb(inhale) carbon di oxide from the atmosphere, and release(ex-hale) the much needed oxygen for human beings, in turn, to inhale for digestion of the food manufactured by the natural vegetation. Whereas, human beings, in utter disregard of the nature\'s function of carbon sequesteration (i.e. absorbing the carbon di oxide from the atmosphere) pollute the atmosphere ruthlessly, to the detriment of their own very existence


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