Soybeans cancerA new study by University of Arkansas researchers, published in the journal Food Research International found that peptides from soybean meal (the leftover product after oil is taken out of soybean seeds) are able to stop the growth of colon cancer, liver cancer and lung cancer cells in a lab setting.

The researchers monitored bioactivity between different forms of human cancer cells and the peptides extracted from soybean meal. They used a number of soybean lines that were rich in oleic acid and protein. The study showed that peptides derived from soybean meal significantly inhibited cell growth by 73% for colon cancer, 70% for liver cancer and 68% for lung cancer cells using human cell lines.


So(y) now we know! Soy can fight diabetesward off blood pressurealleviate hot flasheslower cholesterolimprove your sex life AND CURE CANCER!

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