Cassidy Williams and her then-fiancee, Matthjis Reinders, were devastated when they heard the news that Cassidy’s family pet, a dog named Dood, had terminal bone cancer. With just a month until their wedding in Manzanita, Oregon, the couple thought of a way to include Dood in their wedding – make him the ring bearer!


To make it to the wedding, Cassidy’s father had to drive with Dood all the way from Utah to Oregon, but they made it, and Dood was the best ring bearer ever.


On top of being a special part of such a special day, Dood got to see the ocean for the first and last time. He had a great time sprinting through the water and being in a fun, new place.


While this poor dog may not live for much longer, his family took comfort in the fact that he got to have one last big adventure and be part of Cassidy and Matthjis‘ wedding memories.




Many sick and aging dogs like Dood don’t get the chance to see the ocean, but they still receive plenty of love from their pet parents and their friends. Including their dog as part of their wedding was the best way Cassidy and her husband could’ve honored Dood, and there are a lot more ways pet parents honor their pets both before and after they go. Many common ways people pay tribute to their pets include making them a garden stone with their pet’s name, birth year and year of death painted onto the stone.

Considering a donation to a favorite animal welfare or charity is always a great idea – many organizations of this nature have an option for giving in the name of a beloved pet, both living and deceased. Helping other pets just like yours is a great way to pay that love forward.

All image source: Natalya Jenney