Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, just adopted two new French Bulldog puppies over the Labor Day weekend. These two adorable pups, of course, were so excited to come to their new forever home that they ran right outside, into the yard, and into the pool.

Good thing The Rock is such a good dog dad. Looking after his new little fur babies, he saw them both fall into the water and while one doggy paddled to safety, the other dropped to the bottom of the pool like … well, like a rock.


Fortunately, Johnson ran to the pool and jumped in, clothes on, and cell phone in pocket. He managed to save the drowning puppy, and now both puppies are safe and sound and well. In his reiteration of the story in an Instagram post announcing his new puppies, Johnson said, “Not all puppies have the instinct to doggie paddle. Some puppies (like BRUTUS) will be so in shock from experiencing water that they will sink extremely fast so react quick.”

The Rock Saves Dogs From Drowning


The famed former wrestler and movie star isn’t the only celebrity to save the animals that matter to him. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting of Big Bang Theory fame has taken to being a spokesperson for the Humane Society of the United States and is notably featured in some of the organization’s most recent TV commercials. She also hosted a Soul Cycle event for the HSUS Protect Seals Campaign, which raised money to protect Canadian seals from the annual seal slaughter in that country.

Likewise, Jon Stewart‘s retirement from The Daily Show on Comedy Central will bring a new life for him and for animals. Stewart and his wife are long-time animal advocates and will be starting their own farm sanctuary in New Jersey, where they just bought the perfect property to bring newly rescued farm animals to.

Many celebrities and public figures care about animals enough to go the extra mile and do something to benefit a critter they care about. Whether that’s jumping in the pool to save a puppy, hosting an event for friends, family and co-workers to raise awareness for inhumane culls or straight up starting a farm sanctuary, it is important to know that there is something everyone can do to save an animal, no matter how big or small.