Meet Puppy! She’s an adorable little girl who is 13 years old and in need of a lot of love!

Puppy was surrendered to a shelter for the worst crime of all: getting old! Her owners decided she was too much trouble and dumped her as though they were throwing out a bag of trash. We are disgusted; would you do this with an elderly relative? Just dump them out when caring for them gets too hard? These people probably would…


The West Valley Shelter is now caring for her. Puppy’s owners didn’t even bother to give her a bath before abandoning her! She must have been so scared and confused. All we want to do is hug this little girl! 

She has since had a good scrub, cleaning up her dirty and itchy fur, making Puppy feel whole again. How can you look at her little face and think she is worth abandoning?!

And look at Puppy now! Clean and fluffy and full of life! 


Friends of West Valley Animal Shelter is taking care of her adoption and wrote this on their website: “Let’s get this girl a home as soon as we can! Puppy is a spritely thirteen years old weighing just thirteen pounds. She is a white Poodle, Miniature mix, and has been spayed. She is in good health, and is full of life. There has to be someone out there who wants to take her home!”


Senior dogs deserve just as much love and affection as any other dog. They give us the best years of our life so why can’t we do the same for them? There are too many older dogs who are cast aside in favor of cute puppies or anything that is less trouble. How can you dump a dog at a shelter just because they are getting on in years? Please don’t overlook a senior dog if you are looking to adopt!

If you are looking for the next member of your family or have fallen in love with Puppy as quickly as we have, please visit her adoption page at West Valley Animal Shelter.

Image Source: Friends of West Valley Animal Shelter