As much as animal lovers adore dogs, it can sometimes be difficult to remember they are living, breathing creatures with minds of their own and they don’t always do exactly what we want them to do. When you head off to work and leave them at home they can either wander around the house and relax or destroy every pillow you’ve ever purchased. When we leave the door open for more than five seconds they can either wait patiently behind us or bolt out onto the street to chase a cat. And as we are seeing time and time again, as much as we’d like to think they’ll be okay if we leave them in cars as we run a quick errand, oftentimes they are not.

An elderly woman from West Virginia learned that last lesson the hard way this week. Wanting to keep her pets comfortable and keep bystanders from breaking her car window, the elderly woman left her two pups in the car with the motor running so that they could enjoy the air conditioning. Knowing that her pups weren’t suffering from heat, she entered Walmart with a clear mind.


Unfortunately for this woman, her dogs were feeling quite rambunctious that day and managed to get their little paws on the gas pedal. One thing led to another, and these dogs began cruisin’ slowly through the parking lot… until they were met with a wall. Thankfully, since the dogs were driving so slow, the impact was very mild, and they sustained no injuries. The damage to the car was also minimal.

While this story is somewhat comical, it further proves that there really is no ideal situation to leave a dog in a car. As much as we’d like dogs to sit still with their paws crossed when we leave them unattended, there is no way to guarantee that they will actually do that. This woman was very lucky that no one was harmed or hit by the car, otherwise, this story would go from somewhat cute to downright tragic. The best way to make sure nothing happens from leaving your dog in the car is to not leave your dog in the car. It’s really that simple.

Image source: ABC 7 News