Pet homelessness and abandonment is a serious problem all around the world. Here in the U.S., animal shelters euthanize 5,500 animals every single day, often for lack of space or ailments that are treatable.

The above video features a smart, well-trained, and gentle dog at the Wichita, Kansas Animal Shelter who is set to be euthanized in a few days for kennel cough, an easily treatable condition. An out-of-state dog lover placed an adoption hold on him and drove twelve hours to pick him up, but was then informed that the dog was microchipped and the shelter was required to try locating the original guardian before adopting him out. Now he is back on the euthanasia list!


This heartbreaking story is a prime example of the stark reality of life for shelter animals. It should be standard protocol to immediately scan all incoming animals for microchips, and an animal should never be killed when there is an adopter who wants to take them home. Those interested in saving this sweet dog’s life can contact the Wichita Animal Shelter; his animal ID number is Kennel NM01.

Sadly, this is not an isolated case, and dogs, cats, and other animals all too often meet a tragic ending at shelters. You can help this serious problem by volunteering as a foster caretaker for shelter animals, which not only saves the foster animals’ lives and gives them valuable one-on-one time, but it also clears up space at the shelter for more abandoned animals. To learn more about fostering, check this out.

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