Animal rescue work never slows down … something Rescue Dogs Rock NYC knows all too well. Just last week, the group saved a dog after cruel people left him chained during a fire, leaving the innocent animal to suffer for two weeks before getting help. And now, in the first rescue of the new year, the non-profit organization is working around the clock to save a sweet pup named Salvatore.

After seeing the plea to find help for Salvatore, Rescue Dogs Rock responded and is now providing life-saving medical care.


It’s bad enough that Salvatore was left to fend for himself outside, but he also has a severe wound on his neck. Rescue Dogs Rock notes that he had been living in this condition for at least a WEEK. It’s believed he was hit by a car and then possibly attacked. 

“Salvatore is fighting for his life right now with a deep infected gash, with puncture wounds on his neck and behind his ear. His leg is also broken and dangling when he walks and he is in severe pain,” they wrote on Facebook

Salvatore will need pricey surgery to repair his leg, but we know he is in the best hands with Rescue Dogs Rock. 


If you’d like to donate towards Salvatore’s medical bills, you can do so here. “Nothing stops us from rescuing, not even Holidays … We never rest and our job is 24/7,” the group shared on Facebook. Heroes!


Please, always speak up when you see an animal in need! If you happen to come across a dog or cat, or any other animal in need, check out these Animal Rescue Hotlines.

To learn more about Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, click here.

Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC/Facebook