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Alex the Weimaraner has quite the unbreakable spirit.

After surviving by eating only sticks and rocks, Alex was rescued in October by the Southern Animal Foundation. Alex had been living at an Iberia Perish animal shelter and was so thin that almost every bone in his body was visible. He weighed a mere 45 pounds, and officials from the shelter were sure he was going to die, so he was not given the proper treatment he needed to recover.

When a representative from Southern Animal Foundation came across Alex’s image, they knew that they had to step in to help this pup. An X-ray of Alex’s stomach revealed that he was completely filled with rocks, but they were confident they could help him. His recovery has been miraculous.

Dog Who Survived Eating Rocks Finally Finds Forever Home

Now, Alex has beaten the odds and has finally found a forever home. He was adopted by Diane Lundeen, who owns two other Weimaraners, and said she fell in love with Alex as soon as she met him.

After undergoing surgery and intensive de-worming, Alex currently weighs close to 80 pounds and loves playing with his brother and sister.

Dog Who Survived Eating Rocks Finally Finds Forever Home

“He is doing great. He loves his brother and sister,” Lundeen told SAF in her most recent update. “He is the peacekeeper in the family, so if play gets too rough between the baby and Anya, he speaks up. The three went through all of the new squeaky toys I bought them, filling my living room with stuffing snow.”

Check out the video below to see more of Alex’s amazing transformation.


Enjoy your new home, Alex!

All image source: Fido4Ever

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4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

...and yet our medical professionals allow people to suffer and die every day for lack of insurance, or the right kind of insurance, or the inability to afford a co-pay. Simply put animals are often treated better than people.
I think it\'s great to do right by the animals we encounter, but seriously...our humanity is gone. This seems more like a promotional advertisement for the ones who helped the dog recover.

12 Sep 2017

I completely disagree with you, Craig. In no way, shape, or form are animals treated better than humans. The amount of animals put down every year is shocking. The amount of animal abuse and animal neglect is disheartening and the abusers often, sadly, get off with a slap on the wrist. Many governments and courts are just not in favour of strengthening the laws around animal abuse and neglect, despite the endless examples which prove that animal abusers are just as likely to abuse humans. Many shelters are often running in the red because they don\'t have enough funding to operate up to par. I\'m not in the US, but I know how frustrating your medical system is. I get frustrated just hearing about it. Every time I do hear about it I think, thank goodness I am in not in the US. I am in Canada and we are covered medically, and yet the amount of animal abuse and lack of laws protecting animals in Canada is pathetic, to say the least. The government is revisiting the animal welfare laws in the fall, but I must say I am not expecting a happy ending. Animals and humans should not be compared -- two complete separate issues. Good people do come forward often enough to help animals by paying out of their own pocket (ouch), but there are far too many distressed animals that never get a good chance at life in various ways, such as animal testing where they suffer burns and extreme pain, trophy hunting so that the hunter can feel empowered, extreme abuse and neglect by the guardians--beating, burning, starving, factory farming--deplorable living conditions, entertainment--beaten and starved to perform when they should be in their natural habitat, The list goes on and on. I emphasize with you about your medical system, I really do, but it is not the government that saved this poor dog from near death and it is not the government that is saving the many other suffering animals from horrible situations; it is the animal activists that continually fight for animals because someone has to.

4 Months Ago

I\'m so glad that he made it. It\'s a miracle that he survived the anesthesia--He\'s so happy now- he\'ll never forget

4 Months Ago

It is so wonderful to read this follow-up and know that Alex is doing so well. His face is absolutely joyous, and it seems clear that he is enjoying life...possibly for the first time. I remember reading his plight, and how remarkably sad it was. I was disturbed that they had given up on him, and not given him every opportunity to recover. Thankfully, the right person came along and realized he needed, and deserved, to be given every chance to recover and survive. Thank you for embracing him as a third addition to your family. I\'m certain he will bring you equal measure of joy that you brought to him. Happy life beautiful Alex with your loving forever family.

Jaclanetta Caldwell
4 Months Ago

Thank God for the Southern Animal Foundation for stepping up. I personal donate to the SPCA faithfully. The money that I donate hopefully is moving in the right direction to help. Reading this article has inspired me to give and campaign for more donations.
Jaclanetta Caldwell


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