Detroit Pit Crew Rescue has helped save over 250 dogs from the street this year, so you would think by now that these wonderful people have seen it all. A beautiful little girl named Helen has proved that there is no such thing as knowing everything, however, because Helen is missing her tongue! A passerby named Liz spotted Helen on the streets of Detroit and immediately contacted Detroit Pit Crew Rescue for help.

Here is Helen after rescue with one of the volunteers from Detroit Pit Crew Rescue. Aside from her missing tongue, Helen appears to be in good health. She looks very at home here having a cuddle!


Detroit Pit Crew Rescue is baffled by what could have happened to this beautiful little girl. She clearly was someone’s pet because she understands commands and knows how to sit. She also isn’t starving or dehydrated, which she would be if she was left to fend for herself, since without a tongue Helen is unable to eat or drink.


In an attempt to figure out Helen’s story, they contacted Fox News. Here is Helen meeting Jessica Dupnak from Channel 2. Helen might not have a lot to say for herself but was still an instant hit with the crew! When interviewed, Theresa Sumpter with Detroit Pit Crew Rescue said, “I have seen a lot of very strange things, very sad things in Detroit with dogs but I have never seen a dog without a tongue.”

Here is Helen again after her rescue, receiving some of the love and attention she deserves. Whoever chooses to adopt Helen into their home couldn’t ask for a sweeter-natured dog!



While we don’t know Helen’s story, we do know she is one of the thousands of dogs abandoned and neglected throughout America each year. In America alone, homeless dog numbers exceed 70 million. Some are left chained up in awful conditions without food and water, while others have families who decide they no longer want their pets and move without them. There is no excuse, we bring pets into our lives as companions, and that companionship has to go both ways. We cannot just abandon these defenseless animals when we decide we don’t want them anymore, like Helen has clearly been abandoned by her former family.

Detroit Pit Crew Rescue is a crew of street volunteers who work together to get as many stray, injured, pregnant, and destitute dogs off the streets as possible. If you want to help the crew continue with their essential work to save dogs like Helen, please consider making a donation

Image Source: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue