We will never understand why some people abuse innocent animals! Thankfully, there are thousands of dedicated animal rescuers across the country who are working to help neglected animals. One of them, non-profit organization Second Chance Rescue NYC, works tirelessly to ensure animals have, well, a second chance.

One of their many success stories is Brutus, a loving, three-year-old dog. Way back in August of 2016, the rescue was shocked when they saved him. He came to the rescue with gunshot wounds to the HEAD and was struggling to hold on.


Brutus was shot THREE times and left for dead on the streets of Georgia. The below photo is when he first arrived at Second Chance Rescue NYC. 

But look at Brutus today! Second Chance Rescue provided the life-saving medical care for this sweet boy and after he recovered in a foster home… Brutus was adopted! Now, he spends his days with his favorite little human. 

Brutus’s mom shared this with Second Chance Rescue NYC, “Thanks, Bru-boy for being the best thing that has happened to us. We love you to the moon and back.” 




As the rescue points out, it takes a village to save one dog and you can be a part of that mission simply by volunteering! Volunteer opportunities often include helping at fundraising events, cleaning animal areas, socializing animals, walking dogs, photographing animals for adoption promotions, assisting staff at the front desk, performing administrative tasks or even serving on planning committees for fundraising events. Whatever your unique skill may be, your local animal rescue could use your help!

Opening up your home to animals, just like Brutus, who simply need a quiet, safe place to temporarily stay is also a great way to help end the pet homelessness crisis. For more information on how to get involved with fostering, click here. For more ways on how you can get involved to help save animals, check this out.

To learn more about Second Chance Rescue NYC and how you can donate to their cause, check out their website. And don’t forget to share Brutus’s happy ending within your network!

Image Source: Second Chance Rescue NYC/Facebook