Rescue Dogs Rock NYC recently shared a post about a sweet dog named Edwin. This poor baby is in heartbreaking condition, both physically and emotionally, and is in desperate need of help. He is scared, lonely, and has a long list of medical problems that need to be addressed. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is ready to take Edwin out of this miserable cage at the shelter, but they need your help!

Edwin is not only heartworm-positive but he is also injured, anemic, emaciated, and has a skin infection. While we can’t save them all, there are people that can and want to rescue Edwin and give him the life he deserves. The shelter can be a very scary place for an animal – it’s filled with strange smells and sounds. While thousands of dogs across the nation are dumped at shelters each day, there are some that take shelter life a lot harder than others, and Edwin is one of them.


As the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC team shared, “If you look at this video and it makes you angry, the hate only belongs to his hideous owner who allowed this. All we want to do is HELP EDWIN. We can only help him if we have the funds to pay for his medical care.”

This poor baby has been failed too many times by people, and it’s now up to all of us to show him that there is some good left in humanity.

To donate to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and help get Edwin life-saving medical care, click here.