It’s a heartbreaking situation when a dog has lost so much trust in humans that they become aggressive. For a Shar-Pei living on the railroad tracks, this is what a life of neglect had led to. A change was coming, however, and it all started with a call to Hope for Paws. JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo headed out to the location, not knowing how dangerous this rescue would be.

It started with the routine of offering food in order to gain trust, but the pup wasn’t interested. Luckily, JoAnn was able to act quickly and secured the dog, who they named Tweedy, with a gentle snare.


Tweedy was so scared and confused, she tried to free herself with all her might. Despite Lisa’s best efforts to comfort her, she even lunged at her face! In all her desperation, Tweedy bit the pole of the snare, causing her mouth to bleed. The ladies quickly got Tweedy into a crate before anyone else got hurt.

At the vet, Tweedy was diagnosed with a range of issues including a broken elbow, fractured teeth, entropion, and a skin infection. This poor girl was falling apart! Thanks to two compassionate ladies working as a team, however, all the pieces were being picked back up. It all came together with the help of L.A. Animal Rescue who placed Tweedy in a safe, loving foster home. Tweedy is now a happy and healthy girl who loves to kiss and cuddle.

If you’re interested in adopting this beautiful girl, click here.