It’s always amazing to see how resilient dogs are even in the cruelest of situations. This is proven just by looking at this short video of a little dog named Gus who was recently rescued from a Chinese slaughterhouse.

Despite all he’s seen, he continues to crave affection, wag his tail, and hold on to an innocent trust in people. Gus was rescued by Odessa Gun and the wonderful people at Compassion without Borders along with the help of the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. Their dedicated and selfless work has given this precious pup along with nine others, another chance at living the life they deserve.


Though there has been the recent success in curbing the dog meat trade in China, including the closure of over 120 dog meat restaurants have been either shut down or ordered to no longer sell dog meat. Additionally, a recent survey showed that the majority of Chinese do not eat dog meat and even in the areas where the practice is most preserved, more than half had not eaten it in the last two years.

While we wait to find out whether the ban against selling dog meat at this year’s Yulin festival is rumor or fact, the issue still remains that if dog eating in China is still legal, dogs will continue to die. With more people in China seeing dogs as more of family pets and programs like Dr.Dog and Professor Paws giving dogs a role in contributing to society, the dog meat trade is certainly on the decline.

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