While many of us are celebrating a day of love, one very sad dog is mourning the loss of the person he loved the most. 10-year-old Rio was recently taken in by Detroit Animal Control after his guardian passed away, leaving him alone and scared. Even though staff at the shelter offered him comfort and kindness, this boy clearly needed to be somewhere he would feel safe and get personal attention.

A nice employee took Rio into her office to make him feel more secure, but he was still so sad!


So, they called the Detroit Dog Rescue, who found him a foster home where he could comfortably grieve and recover. As a senior dog, Rio is also suffering from other health issues including heartworm.


If you are not in a position to adopt but are looking for other ways to help dogs like Rio, then consider fostering an animal in need. This helps the animal being fostered, the shelter with space, and allows them to save another animal in need. As always, volunteering, educating others, and sharing profiles of adoptable pets are effective ways to help shelter animals.

To donate to sweet Rio’s medical care, click here or to learn more about Detroit Dog Rescue, click here.

All image source: Detroit Dog Rescue/Facebook