It’s understandable when a shelter decides to euthanize a dog who is in severe pain or suffering. Sometimes putting an end to the sad life they have experienced is a move of compassion when animals are simply too tired from fighting to survive. For some animals, however, all they need is the chance to rest and allow someone else to do the fighting for them. That is exactly what Angels Among Us Pet Rescue is doing for a special girl named Pandorah.

The rescue was notified by an intake shelter that Pandorah was scheduled to be euthanized because of her extreme condition. This poor baby is covered in open sores that are infested with maggots, and she has burns from sitting in her own urine and feces for prolonged periods of time. Pandorah is also grossly emaciated with no muscle tone. Her vet believes she was kept in a confined area or kennel so small she couldn’t even move. Whatever the case may have been, she clearly has been suffering for a long time, likely, most of her life. Thankfully, rescuers have stepped in, determined to change the ending to her tragic story.



Krista, who is part of the rescue’s approvals team, reports that Pandorah, despite her circumstances, loves affection and even reciprocates by licking your hand when pet. In an impassioned plea for Pandorah, Krista shared on Facebook: “A human stripped her of her dignity. Stripped her of even the possibility of going to chase a squirrel for food or drink from a dirty mud puddle. She had no chance at all.  It is our duty, no, it is our HONOR to change her life. She wants to be touched and craves love. She licks your hand when you touch her. She knows there is more out there, and in typical dog fashion, she will forgive those who wronged her, and we will help her forget. ”

It’s a powerful sentiment that speaks to the unconditional love and forgiving spirit of a dog. It also signals that there is still a spark of hope, no matter how little. This sweet pup definitely knows she is being helped and is thankful for a second chance.

Thanks to Angels Among Us, another innocent life is now safe and receiving the life-saving treatment needed to go on and live a fulfilling life. Pandorah has a long way to go, but if we all find it in our hearts to contribute in some way, we can make sure she wins this fight for her life. No one should have to face this type of struggle alone, Pandorah or her caretakers. Let’s not look away but instead, take a moment to show support.


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Image source: Angels Among Us Pet Rescue/Facebook