In March, a chance passerby stumbled upon a heartbreaking sight at the Mahalaxmi railway station in Mumbai, India. A severely injured dog was lying helplessly on the tracks, her front legs completely damaged. The kind person immediately contacted Welfare of Stray Dogs, an organization working for the street dog population in the city. This is how Anaya was rescued – she still had a long way to go to recover and have her happiness, but, in the end, she overcame every obstacle that was in her way.

Gunjan Singh, a field assistant manager with the organization, was shocked when she saw Anaya and realized what terrible condition the dog was in, The Better India reports. The animal’s injuries were gruesome and, most likely, she had been bleeding all throughout the lonely night on the tracks. Anaya was rushed to the Bombay Veterinary College in Parel, where she underwent emergency surgery. During the amputation of one of her front legs, an unforeseen complication came up – her bladder burst. Another surgery had to be performed and around a week and a half later, the other injured leg could finally be amputated as well.


Since Anaya needed careful and continuous care after the operation, Singh stayed at her side in the hospital, tended to her every day, and even provided her with a special bed, so that the recuperating dog would not get bedsores.

When she was ready, Anaya got all the help she could want to start moving around on her own again. Due to a loss of joints in her forelegs, the pup could not use prosthetics, but, instead, the doctors designed a special PVC model of a cart that would let her get around.


After almost 56 days in the hospital, Anaya moved to her forever home with Akshata Pembhre and her two other dogs. The new family was chosen by Singh herself, who was dedicated to finding the best possible home for the pup and now visits her regularly.

Anaya has made incredible progress. She can now walk confidently on her hind legs and be out for a couple of hours every day harnessed to her cart so that she can get used to it. After three surgeries, Anaya, found in a horrific and almost hopeless state, is living her life to the fullest – and the lack of two legs is not setting her back in the slightest!


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Image source: Welfare of Stray Dogs/Facebook