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Animal cruelty is horrible, there’s no doubt about that. But it’s hard to have a full grasp of the damage it can cause unless you’ve had the chance to work in an animal shelter or rescue firsthand. This video is not for the faint of heart, especially with the sound on. However, we encourage you to sit through it if you can so you can understand the full reason why we need to act against animal cruelty.

This video was taken in an animal shelter in Craiova, Romania. According to the video’s description, Craiova has been called the European Capital of Canine Cruelty due to the sheer amount of abused shelter animals.

When Monica Mitreanu, the woman in the video, tries to comfort the abused canine he immediately begins to panic. He curls into a corner and yelps for help. We can’t begin to fathom what kind if abuse the dog in the video went through. But in an amazing turn, after a few seconds, he begins to realize that he’s not in danger – and that leaves him hopelessly confused. You can see him wondering whether he should continue trying to run away or put himself at risk of being hurt again.

It’s going to take a lifetime of work and care for this dog to trust people again, but it seems like he’s already taking the first steps towards it at the end of the video. We can’t wait to see what he’s like in a year’s time!

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76 comments on “Abused Dog Feels Gentle Human Touch for the First Time in His Life (VIDEO)”

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11 Months Ago

those poor dogs that get abused

Ruth Ludgater
11 Months Ago

The price of abuse is high and this is what it looks like. Dogs screaming, panicing and traumatised. I cannot imagine what this little one has been through. I hope his future is much brighter and he receives the kindness he so desperately deserves.

john pasqua
11 Months Ago


11 Months Ago

No animal should even feel this kind of pain or go through abuse of any kind. I pray the day comes for those that abuse animals. All animals deserve respect, love and care.

ina johnson
11 Months Ago

i love animals ive had six dogs two chihuahua they passed away one little boy chihuahua inever laid ahand on them i gave them aii the love they needed have two boys chihuahua ieft a lab britney mix and they never get beat or hurt inany way they are my kids they dont need to be abused they only want your love and to be with you they can love you more than any human yes we need a law to pertect them alaw to stop breading them they are born to die and be beatting for gods sakes stop it dont hurt animais any more they are smarter than most humals amen

Da Rosa
11 Months Ago

I know a Romanian family who left a dog tied up at their "farm" and simply returned to their city apartment with no arrangements made for the animal to be cared for. Fortunately a neighbor decided to feed and water the dog but he eventually died from loneliness after several months. Not one tear was shed by them and I decided they weren\'t people I wanted as friends.

Muriel Servaege
11 Months Ago

Heartbreaking video. I hope the dog has found a compassionate forever home.

Christine Glass
1 Years Ago

Absolutely heart breaking. I hope this poor creature finds safety, love and compassion. People who abuse animals are the lowest of life forms.

Ken Prewitt
20 May 2017

I don\'t know if anyone thinks as I do but the only punishment for this kind of animal cruelity is death to these people because a fine or jail time will not solve this kind of cruelity once they pay fine or serve jail time and get out they go back to doing the same thing. There is no kind of rehab for these people except death.

1 Years Ago

Oh sweet baby, to be that scared. I just wanted to hold him close and make all the hurt go away. Be warned, to any and all animal abusers there is a special circle of hell waiting for you. Can\'t wait to get off work, go home and hold my babies close.

Diana Girk
1 Years Ago

There is no reason any animal should feel this kinda of fear, god only knows what this poor animal went through.I\'d love to get my hands on the bastard that did this. we need to put a stop to all this abuse.


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