Rescue Dogs Rock is bringing us the story of Rocky today, a poor little boy who has suffered enough!

Rocky thought his luck changed not so long ago, when he was adopted from a shelter and taken to what he thought would be his forever home. But his new owners returned him to the shelter because poor Rocky had a severe cough and couldn’t breathe. Instead of caring for him, they abandoned him when he most needed help.


Rocky has kennel cough, and staff at the emergency vet fear that it will spiral into pneumonia. He would have been euthanized at the shelter if Rescue Dogs Rock hadn’t stepped in to save him when they did. What he needs now is a lot of love and time to recover.


Rocky isn’t doing well at all. This poor little boy is not eating. He has a sharp cough, is very depressed because of all the upheaval he has been through, and he also has a bad case of diarrhea. Rocky is currently hooked up to IV fluids and is receiving more blood work and X-rays to determine if he has any other problems. Rocky is on strong antibiotics for his cough, but he doesn’t seem to be responding to them at all.

It isn’t the only reason for his condition and poor recovery, but Rocky is severely depressed. He has lost his home, and the people who were supposed to love him gave up on Rocky. How else is he to feel other than alone in the world, when his entire world has come crashing down around him?



Dogs don’t deserve to be abandoned in shelters or on the streets when they fall ill. If we take a pet into our homes, we are responsible for their wellbeing and health. Anyone who turns their back on a sick pet should never again be let anywhere near an animal!

To follow Rocky’s progress, donate to his medical care, or find out about the vital work done by Rescue Dogs Rock, please visit their Facebook page.

Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock