When Loreta and Eldad of Hope For Paws approached this poor girl after a call from a concerned citizen named Carey, they couldn’t believe their ears. The German Shepherd, temporarily named Rain by Loreta, was so frightened that she cried out sounding just like a human!

After some gentle coaxing and careful netting, Rain allowed the rescuers to get closer, and after a little persuasion, she was convinced to climb into her rescue cage. Lovejoy Foundation arranged the adoption of this beautiful German Shepherd once she’d had a good bath.


Hope For Paws regularly receives calls from people concerned about homeless animals, from neglected dogs to abandoned rabbits and everything in between! There are around 70 million homeless animals living in America alone, and of those 70 million, only six to eight million cats and dogs enter shelters each year. This is why organizations like Hope For Paws need our help to continue with their amazing work.

If you can, please consider donating to Hope For Paws so that they have the funds to continue doing all they can for abandoned animals.