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A jogger recently returned to her car after a run only to find a gravely injured dog cowering beneath it. The jogger called animal control, and by the time the animal control officer stepped out of his truck with a leash to pick her up, Lilac (the dog) had dragged herself out from under the car and towards him. The jogger said, “she knew she was being saved.”

Lilac was attacked by multiple dogs over a few days. Her injuries are beyond anything animal control can deal with, which is how Second Chance Rescue got involved. Her jaw is so badly broken that she might not be able to have a normal life because a portion of the bottom might need to be removed. There are bones protruding from her body and puncture marks from teeth all over her. One of her legs is broken, another has severe nerve damage as a result of her attacks, and the leg is swollen and painful to the touch. There is also a gaping, open wound in her leg that you can see straight through. These are horrific injuries, and we can’t imagine the pain this poor girl must be in.


Lilac barely weighs 20 pounds, so she is dangerously malnourished. It also looks as though she has had multiple litters in the past. She has been suffering for a long time; Lilac is filthy, everything on her body is rotting as a result of how long she has been left like this, and the smell coming off her is vile. To say this poor dog is traumatized is an understatement. Everyone who has seen her in person is in tears.


There are around 200 million stray dogs worldwide, with more than 70 million of those in the U.S. alone. Lilac’s story is unfortunately nothing new. Whether at the hands of cruel people who harm them for fun, or in Lilac’s case, at the teeth of a number of dogs more powerful than her, animals around the world are struggling to survive on the streets. Because of this, the work of organizations like Second Chance Rescue is never-ending.

Lilac urgently needs to be taken to a specialty ER for treatment. And because of the extent of her injuries, it’s going to cost $7,000. Second Chance Rescue is desperate to raise funds for her treatment. It is unlikely Lilac will survive without this help.

Please consider donating to Second Chance Rescue if you want to help Lilac.

Image Source: Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

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22 comments on “Dog Who Had Been Attacked and Abused for Years Mustered Up All Her Strength to Crawl to Someone for Help”

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Muriel Servaege
3 Months Ago

I hope Lilac can be cured and adopted by kind people.

4 Months Ago

Seven THOUSAND DOLLARS!! That whoever is doing the treatment will demand because no matter how bad shape the dog is in those who perform treatment need to get paid! So the public is responsible for fronting the bill for a dog who may not make it anyway. Yes, it\'s sad, but there\'s plenty of other ways that money could be spent.

03 Jun 2018

you absolutely and 115% right !!!
Take that money and all the money together which is spent on animals like that which are living this way and put them all to death. No animal has to live like that and nobody has to be sorry for this kind of action, it is a necessity !!! human way to get rid off a pest made by and with people. Its peoples fold that there are so many dogs and cats out there which dont belong any longer to people. It\'s not all peoples fold but many people who are responsible for that should pay for that but you never would get the money, so all stray dogs and cats should be put to death, end of story.

03 Jun 2018

a lot of crazy humans that should be put to death but laws prevent responsible humans from culling the herd. This is a perfect case in point. It\'s a pretty clear sign that people who abuse animals should be a pretty high priority to put a bullet through their worthless brain. Projected to blow by 8 billion humans by 2023, you\'re only going to see more irresponsible, parasitic \'humans\' pulling this kind of crap and worse.

31 Jul 2018

To Mo and Peter. Keep your opinions to yourself. For 1 Mo the money spent on this dog is none of your business. It is not coming out of tax dollars. It is being covered by rescues. Rescues get their money from donations from other people. And neither you or Peter need to worry what other people spend THEIR money on. Either donate or shut up. I hate when people try to tell other people how to spend their money. You 2 can go spend your money where you want and these people who donate to this dog or any other animal they chose to do is their business not yours.

4 Months Ago

Just donated a small amount. I agree with the man who said if everyone who reads this would donate even a dollar or two (or three, because who can\'t do without that much?); it would make a huge difference.

4 Months Ago

Many years ago a sweet white furry dog came upon our porch possibly to die, because she saw our two dogs through the glass door. The vet said she was either abused or was run over. She had a broken pelvis and other injuries, including her foot pads being scraped from being dragged or something. With the vet\'s help we nursed her back to health. She lived a long life with us, loved and cared for. We named her "Angel", because we believed she was sent to us. Animals can heal when they are loved.

4 Months Ago

Just donated. When you can give us an update. No animal should have to suffer like this. Thank you for all your hard

03 Jun 2018

you right, no animal should suffer like that. One quick injection would take care of that and to each and every stray dog and cats, rats etc oh and people who are irresponsible and part of that happen today so many stray are out there too.
get rid of all that problem forever.

4 Months Ago

Oh. Poor baby. How horrible. I guess I am alone in this, but honestly, it seems kinder to end her suffering. The procedures discussed in this story sound brutal and painful. The poor creature has been through so much already. Forcing her to endure painful surgeries and suffer through a long recovery seems kind of cruel.

02 Jun 2018

So you think it would be better to just kill her instead of giving her a chance to feel someone holding and petting her - for maybe the first time in her life? Dogs heal quickly when cared for, I have 8 at this moment so I know. They adapt also if they have to have amputation(s). They adapt to being blind or not hearing...so why just kill her? Give her a chance to experience love!

02 Jun 2018

I agree and unfortunately that might be the case, however, can we find the people that did this and do some operating on them?

02 Jun 2018

You\'re right. The numbers of animals and people that are suffering at any given moment are beyond imagine. It\'s only our lack of knowing that keeps us from overwhelming despair.

4 Months Ago

i hope they find whos responcible for what has happend to her, and put them in a abuse system like she got! no animal should suffer at all , especialy as bad as this

02 Jun 2018

I agree with ndf. These people NEED to be found and held accountable for the abuse on this poor baby, I would love to serve on a jury and put these abusers in jail AFTER they have been publicly abused as they did to the poor animal.

4 Months Ago

Just think if everyone who reads this story would give up just one can of soda or cup of coffee this month alone, they could raise enough to heal this poor pup. I\'m quite sure almost everyone will waste at least $1.00 at some point in June. Why not just send it to second chance rescue instead of posting how sorry you are and you wish you could do the same to the owner. The article does not say the owner did this., maybe he or she was hit by a car before the other dogs attack he or she. Just in case your wondering I have 4 rescue dogs of my own and I never have a garage sale, I always give my items to the local rescue shelter who has a thrift store and the money goes to the animals care.

02 Jun 2018

I am so afraid to donate to anything over the internet It\'s hard to trust anybody. SO many bad people out there ready to steel your money and your identity. Sorry I can\'t help.

4 Months Ago

I do hope they can save her cause she is so precious. I hope who done this that kmara gets them cause that is so wrong. Please keep in form how she is. I dont know if I can help I would have to see how much I have left. With being on a low income Ill see

4 Months Ago

I\'m with everybody posting in this. I would like to see the same done to the human that allowed this to happen to poor Lilac. Stay strong, Lilac. There are STILL some decent people left in this world. You just have to search for them. Seems as if it\'s getting harder and harder to find them though.


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