One Canadian dog named Finn, who has a distinct hatred for deer, recently learned that his actions do indeed have consequences. Finn, along with his guardian, Emme Thompson, and her father, were out for a walk when they let Finn off leash. “Normally, he does this no problem and stays close by,” Emme told Inside Edition.

Well, not this time. Finn saw a deer and took off running. Too busy with the deer, Finn didn’t answer calls or whistles. Emme and her dad decided to make their way back to the trailhead after searching all over for Finn. Then the Ontario police called … Finn had been BUSTED!


Emme tweeted a photo of Finn looking pitiful in the back of a police cruiser and people couldn’t help but laugh. The tweet has gone viral with 195 retweets. Finn has been let off with a warning and has hopefully learned the error of his ways. 


The photo of Finn looking forlorn in the police cruiser has understandably struck a chord with dog lovers worldwide. Dogs love us unconditionally and bring us so much happiness, laughter … and sometimes the cops! We truly do not deserve dogs.

While this is a comical story, it is important to remember what can happen when you let your dog off leash in an area with wildlife. This situation could have ended very badly for the dog or deer involved, so please do NOT leave your pups off their leashes when out for a walk. If you are in the unfortunate situation where your pet has gone missing (and they weren’t picked up by the cops), check out these tips for what to do to bring your BFF back home.

Image Source: @emmethompsonn/Twitter