Loretta and Eldad with Hope for Paws responded to a call about a little dog who had been hanging around an apartment complex for a couple of days.

When they first arrived at the location, they spotted her immediately and attempted to approach her. This girl was really skittish and ran up the stairs to the second-floor apartments. Since there were two sides to access the second floor, Eldad went up one side while Loretta and a helpful resident went up the other. This plan fell through, however, as the poor girl was so scared she considered jumping down to escape. After all, she had no way of knowing that they were there to help, not to cause her harm.


Eventually, Eldad realized that she was afraid of men and allowed Loretta to take over the rescue to make sure she didn’t feel threatened. With a little time (and some snacks), Loretta was able to earn the dog’s trust and secure her with the lucky leash.

The rescuers gave her the name “Saigon” and swept her off to a better life – one where she would be safe, happy, and loved.

In an incredible brush of fate, Cause for SB Paws was able to find a wonderful home for sweet Saigon while the Hope for Paws team was off to rescue the next homeless dog! How’s that for a happy ending!

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