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As animal advocates, we are aware of the rampant cruelty and exploitation present in the world. However, sometimes it takes gruesome and disturbing footage of animal cruelty to remind us just exactly what we are all fighting for.

Aussie Farms, the creators of the 2014 film Lucentwhich documented the shocking truths behind factory farms and pigs, have created another animal rights-themed film that encompasses a much broader scope. The new film, titled Dominionexposes the truth behind six major industries that harm animals: food, clothing, entertainment, scientific research, the wildlife trade, and pet industry. Their use of drones to capture aerial footage of factory farms is especially impactful and will be sure to affect change by raising much-needed awareness.

Dominion is set to debut in March 2018. To learn more about the film, visit here.  Factory farming and animal exploitation are shameful secrets of society, and widespread public awareness is what will ultimately lead to the end of animal cruelty in all its forms, so please share this with your friends and family to help garner support for our world’s living beings.

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0 comments on “New Documentary Seeks to Expose the Cruel Ways Humans Use Animals – And the Trailer is Giving Us Chills (VIDEO)”

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John Pasqua
1 Years Ago


Zofia Klemetti
1 Years Ago

It is Auschwitz-Birkenau for animals.

A maynard
1 Years Ago

I don\'t know how anyone involved in the activities shown in this documentary....can sleep at night. How anyone can inflict that sort of discomfort, pain and outright torture to any being and live with themselves is just hard to believe! They must be the most heartless and hardhearted people on this earth...as a matter of fact, I think they should be taken out. After all, if someone that supposedly is a human with a conscience can do that to a poor defenseless animal, well...why would anyone that is that \'pure evil\' be permitted to live themselves!...seems truly unjust and I believe they should suffer the same end....factory farming needs to stop- no one should earn a living inflicting such indescribable terror and pain to any living being! And this documentary needs to be showed as much as possible...maybe they can show it before movies at the theater, instead of the countless trailers that people can find online.

10 Sep 2017

You said it all-- I am about half sick each and every day knowing this is happening--I am doing everything I know to try and stop it--we gotta keep trying and hoping--God, these poor animals--I cry way too much--

Kenneth W Prewitt
1 Years Ago

The only way this is going to stop is to start KILLING company owners of these sites as well as workers and anyone else associated with the cruel treatment of animals. YOU DO NOT BELIEVE ME BUT TRY IT AND I PROMISE YOU WILL SEE RESULTS.

30 Aug 2017

Or you could just go Vegan.

Lindsay Ross
1 Years Ago

I would say that these kinds of movies should be shown at schools to shock awareness into a numbed future public.

29 Aug 2017

Not only should the documentary be shown in schools and universities, but in churches where "man\'s dominion" is preached! I hope Netflix will show it.

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