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If you’ve ever tried to cut back on or completely eliminate meat and dairy from your diet, then you probably know that it’s not always the easiest thing in the world to do. They say that old habits die hard and when it comes to the way we eat, most of us have grown up eating the same kind of food for most of our lives.

The change can be especially difficult when you want to up your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables for a healthier lifestyle rather than choose pre-packaged, plant-based meat substitutes, which can often easily substitute for meat in your favorite dishes. Really, it’s like learning how to cook all over again because, let’s face it: it’s tough to learn how to make a carrot taste as delicious as a main dish after a lifetime of it being a bland, flavorless side to meat. If you’re the only one in your family trying to eat more plants, then it can feel even more challenging. At Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Fresno, California, doctors, and nurses are taking steps to help patients adopt a plant-based lifestyle free from processed foods by offering cooking classes.

Dietitian Judy Meadows told ABC30 how patients can benefit from eating more plants: “Plant-based eating is focusing on eating whole foods, which are fruits and vegetables and beans and avoiding meat and dairy products. And the research is showing it reduces inflammation and risks of chronic disease and helps you manage many chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, cancer risk.”

In addition to introducing patients to interesting produce like jackfruit, a large, spiny tropical fruit that shreds just like pulled pork when cooked right, doctors, and nurses at the center are taking their dedication to their patients one step further by also adopting a plant-based diet.

“If I’m trying to teach my patients how to eat, I need to be doing the same thing,” said registered nurse, Tammy Bargain.

To make the switch to a whole foods plant-based diet even easier, the center also encourages its patients to take small steps through a 21-day diet. By gradually eating more 100 percent plant-based meals, Meadows says that the center has seen a dramatic difference in patients taking the class. In addition, Meadows reports, “We’re seeing stress reduction, we’re seeing weight loss, we’re seeing less sick days, healthier families at home.”

We think it’s wonderful that doctors and nurses at Kaiser are going the extra mile to help their patients lead healthier lives. Do you think more medical centers should do this?

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Lead image source: Elnur/Shutterstock

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1 Years Ago


Christina Wilson
1 Years Ago

I have not eaten meat in 30 years and I feel wonderful. I\'m in my 60\'s now and still have no wrinkles, and I am slim and athletic too. Best of all is that I don\'t need to feel guilty that any creature suffered to feed me. In the last few years I have given up dairy as well, although I rarely ate it before anyway. The best thing though, is that it\'s helping to save the world. It\'s the way to go!

1 Years Ago

I agree-this is not place for ads. i have not eaten meat for over 40 years and have done quite well with our your product. I hope their views on testing on animals will come into this.

frank sagliano
1 Years Ago

Although this is great it is just a start. These Dr\'s who are participating and recommending can and should go further into nutrition . Not all plants have the necessary nutrients to sustain a healthy body. They are deficient , there is no other way to say it. We can help in this area by providing a whole food rich in amino acids vitamins and minerals all available to the body . We grow 1 plant it isn\'t a mishmosh of ingredients. We feed the plant and in turn reap the high nutritional content of it preserving them with a patented process . We are not new and have been consistently consistent with our lab reports as to the content and amount of each nutrient , no fillers or outside supplementation, just ! plant .This product will have to saying to someone who asks "How are You ? You could say I\'m getting better all the Time" because it\'s the truth. Every cell that You lose billions a day will be replaced by better healthier cells than the 1 before .. Getting You better everyday Aminosplus.com

Barbie Alsop
19 May 2017

I really don\'t need your advertisement on this page. Nutrition scientists are doing a great job of educating people on the nutrients in plant based diets, and your claims simply do not bear up. Givien your statement that some plants are "deficient" is simply a way of scaring potential Whole Food Plant Based (wfpb) eaters that they may be doing something wrong. I\'m surprised that One Green Planet allowed your misrepresentations to be published here.

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