Second Chance Rescue NYC was recently contacted about a dog who had come into the shelter with a gunshot wound to her side. The dog, now named Nugget, was raising much concern among the shelter staff – she was not moving and her blood pressure was dangerously low. The poor animal was in very bad shape and needed immediate emergency surgery to save her life.

Nugget was picked up from the streets by animal control. Once at the shelter, they discovered she had a microchip, thanks to which the staff was able to contact the person responsible for the dog. Unfortunately, the call ended up being short and bitter – the person said that they did not want the dog and that they had no information about the gunshot injury. At that, the rescuers decided right away that they needed “to step in and give this poor suffering dog the care that she needs and deserves.”


Despite her plight, Nugget has been behaving in the best way possible, being “incredibly sweet and grateful” when she was put into the truck. Although she had a horrible injury and was in pain, her tail never stopped wagging at her new human friends.

The rescue reports that the emergency surgery might cost $6,000, which is an amount the organization is hoping to raise. Nugget now had her surgery, which turned out to be very complicated, and the team will continue posting updates on her condition and progress.

You can help Nugget by making a donation to her medical bills via the rescue’s website or Facebook.