In Auckland, New Zealand, one tiny kitten managed to engage police officers in quite a lengthy game of hide-and-seek. The kitten, named Maioro after the closest motorway off the ramp from which she was rescued, was located by the officers after they received a call from a concerned person. Although just a small fluffy kitten, she was close to causing several accidents on the South-Western motorway. After the call, she was quickly found by the officers – but her adventures did not end there. The story of the rescue was then shared by the team on the Auckland City District Police’s Facebook page.

Maioro was found on the side of the motorway, huddled up against the concrete barrier. Unfortunately, she was scared of the approaching officer and ran across three lanes of moving traffic


Miraculously, she made it unscathed, but she was trapped on a small central strip – and to catch her, the officers had to temporarily block the motorway and play “a short game of cat and mouse.” Finally, Maioro was safe in the patrol vehicle – or so it seemed.

After taking a photo and making a call, the officer realized that the kitten had disappeared. Back at home station, he searched the car but could not find her – until he heard a tiny little meow coming from the dashboard! They had to take a trip to the mechanics and remove the entire dashboard to get the kitten out!

She had somehow crawled her way up to the heating fan!




Maioro’s adventures were enough to make anyone exhausted, let alone a baby kitten. After she was rescued, she went right into her process of recovery and regaining her strength – and the officers are now hopeful that she will be able to find a great home very soon!

All image source: Auckland City District Police/Facebook