Kiko, the giraffe, was found abandoned in Kenya’s Meru National Park when he was just one week old. Too small to make it on his own, Kiko was lucky enough to have been rescued and brought to the incredible people at the The David Scheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT)

Loboito the baby elephant also featured in this video arrived at DSWT, orphaned at only three weeks old. It is difficult to say what happened to his mother or to the rest of his herd, but with no one to care for him he would have died alone in the wild.


When Loboito saw Kiko roaming about, it was love at first sight! These two adorable babies are now best of friends and reported to be so inseparable that Kiko is even sleeping with the baby elephants. Well, until he is big enough for the giraffe stable, that is. With the love and support of the amazing people working for DSWT, these two babies will have a chance to grow up and be released back into the wild, proving how essential DSWT is to Africa’s conservation efforts.

Although the two early lives for these animals were incredibly tragic, they found love and happiness at DSWT’s orphan sanctuary. This animal sanctuary in Nairobi, Kenya is home to a large number of orphaned baby elephants, rhinos and giraffes, all the victims of Africa’s brutal wild animal poaching trade. Poaching poses a major threat to all of Africa’s Wildlife and has brought many species to the verge of extinction. Which is why the work that they are doing at DSWT is so important.

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