Oh fish treats. The joie de vivre in every cat’s life. Maybe even their raison d’etre. Either way, when it comes to treat time, cats take it very seriously.

The kitty in this video has mastered the art of asking over and over (and over) again to be given treats. But, he does so in a manner that actually makes their guardian want to give it to them.


First, the cat begins by appealing to their pet parent, “oh pretty please, I am on my knees.” Then he opens up the forum and explains all the wonderful, helpful things he’s done today – scared the birds away from the window sill, kept your feet warm, chased all the dust out of view. We have to admit, we were so moved by his appeal we almost ran out and purchased cat treats to mail this little fur baby. Come on! How can you argue with those eyes!

But, after what seems like hours of waiting … sweet victory is achieved! Chow down polite little kitty, you’ve earned it.