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No one can deny that social media has changed the way that we interact with the world. It allows us to maintain connections with people we no longer truly interact with – like that one guy from high school who you had a so-so friendship with – and it has also opened the door for many marginalized individuals to find their community. Social media has become a platform for bloggers, brands, and organizations alike, all seeking to deliver their message of choice, whether it is promoting a luxury vacation destination, spreading the word about a new product, or showcasing the work of a particular organization.

Given the inherently visual nature of social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, it has provided an outlet for a new type of artist: the food stylist, or the people responsible for creating the most gorgeous food you’ve ever laid eyes on. We can even see this working its way into the food world, with aesthetically pleasing creations like the rainbow bagel, the raindrop cake, or the unicorn latte becoming the poster children of certain restaurants.

Seeing the visual nature of Instagram as an opportunity to draw in followers and deliver a greater message, Australia-based artist Danling Xiao founded Mundane Matters, an Instagram initiative driven by the desire to use visuals to deliver a greater message. Xiao started the project in 2015 in an effort to heal her overly-stressed mind and body while focusing on issues that she was most passionate about. Her stunning images and poignant fact graphics have helped garner over 40,000 follower on Instagram, but more than that, she is actively empowering people all over the world to make a positive change.

Mundane Matters draws you in with its striking aesthetic style accompanied by facts related to a number of different topics, such as the history of single use plastic straws


As well as graphics that highlight issues such as the overuse of plastic water bottles.


Launched in 2015, Mundane Matters asks the question: “Can we use creativity to inspire thoughtful reflection and change the way we interact with our environment?”

Xiao’s main focuses are organic farming, ethical eating, animal protection, and food waste. All sculptures are eaten after the photo shoot. 

Xiao’s sculptures and graphics often share a common theme: we’re damaging the planet – and we can do better.


Her positive influence and desire to raise eco-awareness has lead to collaborations with artists, designers, businesses, and government organizations alike.


Along with her passion for combatting food waste, Xiao also draws particular attention to the growing plant-based food industry.


Xiao explains why she decided to dedicate her time to this account: “I hope my story will inspire others to let their hearts guide them in life and create work that benefits our planet. Like my Instagram initiative, it doesn’t really matter the scale, it is more the passion, an individual’s effort that counts.”



In a world where we cannot go a day without bad news regarding climate change, environmental protection, plastic pollution, or any other topic related to conservation, Xiao’s work is an inspiration to all who feel powerless. Fusing her craft and larger environmental issues, not only has Xiao delivered an important message to thousands but she has also shown the world no matter how small you feel in the grand scheme of thing, your passion can make a difference.

To keep up to date with Mundane Matters on Instagram, click here.

All image source: Mundane Matters/Instagram

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