This recent video posted by Freedom Farm Sanctuary is a true testament to their unwavering dedication to the innocent animals they rescue.

Staci the cow was rescued when she was three days old and has been fighting for her life ever since. Due to not receiving the vital nutrition needed from her mother at birth, Staci has endured pneumonia, fevers, and intestinal infections. But that’s not it … her back legs were paralyzed.


With the constant care from her family at Freedom Farm, and help from her veterinarian Dr. Jabar and physical therapist Naomi David, Staci’s condition has improved by leaps and bounds. The latest breakthrough has come in the form of this clever cart that gives the little cow her very first taste of freedom!

In addition to all the wonderful support and words of kindness, consider making a donation to Staci’s growing medical costs by clicking here. She has come too far to stop now!

Freedom Farm Sanctuary is an incredible non-profit organization in Isreal that is on a mission to rescue and rehabilitate cows and other farm animals from the meat and dairy industry. Learn more about Freedom Farm Sanctuary by clicking here.