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With the world’s already booming population expected to explode to a staggering 9.8 billion people by 2050, our current unsustainable food system ruled by industrialized animal agriculture will not be able to feed everyone. This has caused a number of forward-thinking scientists and investors to look to meat and dairy alternatives, including lab-cultured “clean meat,” a quickly-growing industry expected to reach a value of $20 million by 2027. Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and meat production giants Cargill and Tyson have all invested in “clean meat,” seeing it as a solution to feed the world of the future. And now that future may be even closer than we realized, as clean meat manufacturer Future Meat Technologies predicts their products could be competitively priced to traditional meat in as little as six to eight months!

Professor Yaakov Nahmias, founder of Israel-based Future Meat Technologies, told Food Navigator that he believes they can lower the current price of their slaughter-free meat from the current $800/kilo price to just $8/kilo in as early as six to eight months. The company, which is currently focusing on creating cultured beef and poultry, is already working on getting their products into the restaurant market. They also plan on increasing production from several kilos per week to several tons per week over the next year. These advancements will be possible thanks to a $2.2 million investment the company received from several groups, including Tyson.

Nahmias added that he believes “animal agriculture has really reached capacity” and in order to ”feed more people and grow new markets,” investors should look toward “emerging technologies.”

Considering industrialized animal agriculture is laden with animal cruelty and contributes greatly to mass deforestation, including of rainforests, air and water pollution, greenhouse gases, and climate change, slaughter-free meat is a much-welcomed addition to the food space, and we cannot wait to see what the (near) future holds for slaughter-free meat.

To learn more about Future Meat Technologies, visit their website here.

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Image Source: Pixabay 

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Jeff Biss
4 Months Ago

Let\'s support these efforts to end the holocaust that is the animal-based meat industry!

18 May 2018

Jeff, you asked for more info about using the blood from unborn calves to grow this "clean" meat: www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/science/2017/07/why_is_fetal_cow_blood_used_to_grow_fake_meat.html

4 Months Ago

Far from "clean" or "cruelty free." Animals continue to be kept in captivity as donor herds. And since younger animals offer more viable cells, forced breeding continues. So what happens to the older animals? How many guesses do you want. And once the cells are collected, they are grown in the blood of unborn calves. The calf is aborted but kept alive, while the blood is drained. Then both calf and mom are slaughtered.

Want clean meat? Try real plant-based options that are not tested on animals (as is the Impossible Burger) or grown in laboratories. There are plenty of options and those options are growing daily.

Jeff Biss
18 May 2018

Where did you get this information? There really is nothing that demands that animal cell-based meats need to be grown this way, if that is how it\'s done now.

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