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Some people may have mixed feelings about social media, but there’s no denying how these platforms can help expose animal abuse. Recently, on her way to work, Ashley Giles took a short video of a circus elephant chained up, rocking back and forth, with another elephant lying down on the concrete nearby, and posted it on Facebook.

In the caption, she writes, “My walk into work this morning. I hate the circus. I know I can’t force anyone’s hands, but please don’t attend and support this event ‘Garden Bros. Circus’ at the Civic Center…”

At first glance, you may not understand how disturbing the video actually is. Very few people realize that the rocking back and forth is actually a sign of zoochosis. The term “zoochosis” was coined in 1992 by Bill Travers to characterize the obsessive, repetitive behaviors exhibited by animals kept in captivity. Some of the abnormal behavior’s that have been documented associated with this deep form of mental distress include self-mutilation, vomiting, excessive grooming, coprophagia (consuming excrement), random biting, twisting or nodding of the neck and head, and yes, weaving back and forth – as seen in the video. None of these traits are normal of any species in the wild, again proving that wild animals absolutely do NOT belong in captivity.

Another issue that should be pointed out is the second elephant with nothing more than a patch of hay to lay on. Can you imagine being forced to literally sleep on concrete before having to perform unnatural acts to entertain loud, obnoxious humans?

While it these shows may appear all fun and games to the audience, that’s hardly the case for the animals involved. Circus animals are typically kept in less than suitable conditions and are subjected to severe abuse and cruelty in order to learn “tricks.” The best way you can stand up for circus animals is to never buy a ticket. Once people stop paying for it, cruelty can finally stop.

If you are as outraged at the suffering of wild animals for human entertainment explore the following links:

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30 comments on “What Do Circus Elephants Do When Not Performing? Video Shows the Chilling Truth”

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Paul Cooper
8 Months Ago

This is inhumane and must be stopped animals only belong in the WILD not in a circus .

Milla Manniche
8 Months Ago

Circus with animals gotta be a thing of the past

Karen Brennan
8 Months Ago

People need to STOP going to animal circuses or any animal attraction! I can't even watch programs etc that use animals on the end of leashes and whips! It's disgusting that people think riding or watching an elephant or any animal MADE to perform tricks for the sake of entertainment for himans is an organic experience these animals need help from us, stop riding on holiday, stop going to see animal circuses, stop buying fur lined clothing, stop helping these hideous businesses thrive! These and many more animals may actually stand a chance at a future then.

Patty Strickland Jacobson
8 Months Ago

Boycott all circuses, zoos, animal parks, aquariums, animal acts/rides/movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susi Lovett
8 Months Ago

Rotten greedy humansleave animals alone!!

Ann Kavanagh
8 Months Ago


Janet Saulino Miklas
8 Months Ago

Horses do the same thing if kept in stalls too much. It's called "weaving"

Sherrida Rawlings
8 Months Ago

Someone please help!!!!

Sue Boaman Diecidue
8 Months Ago

EXACTLY when I don't, won't and NEVER will support these shit shows!!! Wake up people! This is NO life for these beautiful beings!

Lynette Blackert MacLagan
8 Months Ago

Heartbreaking to see. They need their freedom!


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