The breed specific legislation against Pit Bulls in Montreal has left many feeling enraged, confused, and plain sad. Despite the fact that research has shown breed specific legislation actually does nothing to lower the number of dog attacks, Montreal has essentially mandated that hundreds of healthy Pit Bulls in shelters be put down.

While the law has been suspended for the time being, many people are still wary about what is in store for the Pitties of Montreal. Vets are voicing their concerns about the legislation and some are even refusing to euthanize healthy dogs. Guardians are sharing photos of the detrimental effects the law is already having on their Pit Bull pups. And people from all over are making the case for Pitties and encouraging people to adopt them from shelters, being sure to remind them that this could be the difference between life and death for these sweet animals.


In the flurry of all this upsetting news, Chris Pine, The Star Trek Beyond actor, decided to show his love for Pitties by heading over to an animal shelter and adopting one! According to an Instagram post from Home Dog L.A., a California shelter intervention program, Pine picked out his new pup from Los Angeles’s North Central Shelter. Not only is Pine leading by example and showing people that they should adopt and not shop, but considering all of the negative stereotypes there are against Pit Bulls, it is incredibly powerful to see a familiar face giving Pitties a chance!

We think there are a lot of fun times ahead for these two! 

Chris Pine


Pit Bulls are some of the most misunderstood dogs in society. Wrongly stereotyped as naturally violent and aggressive, their reputation has been severely tarnished over the years due to their prevalence in dogfighting rings or their role as gang props. However, Pit Bulls, and dogs, in general, are just like children. They are only violent and aggressive if they have been raised in a hostile environment that promotes these behaviors. Alternatively, if Pit Bulls are raised in an environment of love and care, they will grow up to be affectionate and protective dogs. Pine was clearly able to see past the negative stereotypes of Pit Bulls and use his fame to remind others that they should too.

Image source: Home Dog L.A./Instagram