Chickens are one of the most exploited animals in the world, often viewed strictly as a food source and treated like mere disposable objects piled high on top of one another in cramped, filthy cages with no access to the natural elements and no space to even stretch their wings. On egg farms, it is common practice to grind male baby chicks while they are alive, and when used for meat, chickens are regularly injected with growth hormones to fatten them up before slaughter.

Despite being seen as unintelligent creatures, chickens can actually be quite smart and are emotional beings and doting mothers. Knowing how special chickens are, Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary, an animal rescue and sanctuary in Northern Spain, recently rescued a little red hen with a broken leg, knowing that her chances of survival were slim if they had not intervened.


The hen, who they named Saffron, was taken to the vet and her leg was put in a splint, she appears to be recovering well. Fingers are crossed that she will soon heal completely and not require a wheelchair. By her gentle demeanor in the above video, we can see Saffron is grateful to be rescued.

If you would like to contribute to Saffron’s medical bills and aid in her recovery, you can make a donation to Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary here.

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