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“Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan keeps many pit bulls in his pack, but his favorite was “Daddy.” When Daddy passed away about two years ago, Cesar was devastated. He had raised the dog as a pup and used him as an example of good behavior and leadership.

The famous trainer recently told Huffington Post that getting rid of a dog breed is “Genocide.”

“We say we love dogs. We can’t just say we love certain kinds of dogs. Otherwise, let’s just say we love some dogs. Let’s not say we are a nation of dog lovers,” Cesar said.

It’s no wonder that the self-proclaimed pack leader is hosting a new documentary about his love of pits. “Cesar Millan: Love My Pit Bull” is scheduled to debut Friday, April 18 at 9 p.m. on Nat Geo WILD.

In this sneak peek, Cesar and a fellow pit bull trainer show that the breed is born with the same potential as any other, but humans have failed them. This should come as no surprise to One Green Planet readers, who know that abuse, unethical breeding, and poor training practices lead to behavior problems, and breed has little to do with it.

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208 comments on “Cesar Millan Says Killing Pit Bulls is Genocide (VIDEO)”

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Angel DaGod Gonzo
2 Years Ago

The problem the problem the problem the problem the problem is humans!

Sherri Schulz
2 Years Ago

Ya the man who knows dogs well !

Cynthia Raufmann-Trewartha
2 Years Ago

I still say that Cesar Milan has done 100 times more good in promoting animal welfare than anything negative. He is/was the most recognized person in dog advocacy and has led more people to recognize the value and needs and wants and how to take care of dogs properly! I do not advocate the dominance theory or use a prong collar bit do I love and respect him less for what he has done to help society value the life of dogs?! Never in a million years!!!?! If you look at how poorly treated and abused and discarded like trash dogs are by the general public still you can put things into a better perspective...

Arnd Laske
2 Years Ago

dogs are dogs. And cats cats. Only humans make bitbulls bad, when their are animals or hunters.

Latifa Hafet
2 Years Ago

Cesar is a great trainer

Deborah Ethier
2 Years Ago

Genocide would stop if people would quit breeding them! Every shelter is full of them. Every URGENT message posted concerning dog rescue involves a pitbull on death row. Beautiful pups, but here is a newsflash....those beautiful pups grow up to be beautiful dogs. Unfortunately, the supply is greater than the demand. PLEASE SPAY/NEUTER NO MATTER WHAT THE BREED!!!!

Helen Duvall
2 Years Ago

Great job Cesar

Rebecca Lee
2 Years Ago

Erin Elsasser

Pamela Tommaselli Criscio
2 Years Ago

It's just more stupid humans saying things against a breed, they've done this to Germany Shepard , dobermans, etc... stupid nasty people its you that do it to the breeds but your to stupid to realize it!

Jamie L. VanHoesen
2 Years Ago

Milan is a dog abusing douche bag


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