The phenomenon of a library cat is now very well-known – and well-loved. When it comes to Millie the cat, however, her favorite hangout spot is still quite niche. Millie is the official Campus Cat at the University of Chester, England, and on her quest for knowledge, she is also conquering hearts.

Ever since Millie first appeared on campus, she has been making friends and exploring every room. She is a very social cat and now the university is her second home.


Students and staff alike love the kitty and are happy to have her visit the classrooms. “My favorite lecturer so far – Campus Cat,” Chloe, a student at the university, captioned a photo of the calico academic.

Millie also helps out in the staff offices. “Our campus cat reading the CV Guide very closely with Mark, she’ll have a job in no time,” wrote the university’s Careers unit.

She does a great job patrolling the campus, too. “Our Campus Cat likes to keep a close eye on what’s happening around UofChester campus,” the university’s Facility Help said.

Lecturing and patrolling aside, Millie does one job extremely well – reducing stress levels among all and making everyone smile.



Millie has a real home – not far away from the campus – but visiting the university grounds has become her favorite pastime. And who could blame her? After all, how could she pass up the opportunity to be actively adored by hundreds every day?

To follow Millie’s antics, check out the University of Chester’s Instagram.

All image source: University of Chester/Instagram, UoC Facilities Help/Twitter, Uni.Chester Careers/Twitter