Cats are some of the most complex creatures on the planet. Some cats aren’t phased in the slightest by loud noises, such as vacuums. Some cats are afraid of mice and birds. And some cats, oddly enough, are afraid of cucumbers … of all things.

This cat might not have actually been afraid of the cucumber, just surprised that an inanimate object was just sitting on the ground without him realizing it was there before. Either way, this little guy’s reaction is hilarious.


While this cat jumped only a couple of feet off the ground, it’s been documented that cats can jump as high as 6.4 feet — as proven by Nya-suke, a tabby cat in Japan. Little Nya holds the world record for jumping cats (although when he jumps, he jumps to grab his toys from the air, not out of scaredy-cat-ness). Our cucumber cat could learn a thing or two from him — Nya looks like he would never be scared of a cucumber.