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Despite how much we love dogs and cats, there is still a huge pet homelessness problem. In the United States alone, there are about 70 million stray animals. Of those 70 million, only about six to eight million cats and dogs enter the nation’s 3,500 shelters every year, according to the Humane Society of the United States. But even with more people choosing adoption, there are still many myths and stereotypes that are preventing some people from considering a shelter pet.

To help dispel the myths, animal shelters have to get creative to help the animals in their care find a forever home. We’ve seen shelters create hilarious and clever videos to pull at people’s heartstrings, as well as enlist unique photos that capture the animal’s personality. These organizations have also enlisted their creativity to help bust one particularly detrimental myth: that black cats represent bad luck and “less adoptable.”

One rescue group in Australia, Cat People of Melbourne found created a listing on Pet Rescue for one of the black cats in their care and it’s probably one of the funniest posts we’ve ever read!

World, meet Mr. Biggles, an utter bastard of a cat. “STOP THE PRESS! Exclusive interview with Mr. Biggles now available for viewing by his adoring public. Media requests and applications for slavery to Lord Bigglesworth can be sent to [email protected] Yes, he has his own website, utterbastardcat.com.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.05.55 AM

Cat People of Melbourne know that honesty is key with Mr. Biggles listing stating, “Mr. Biggles (also known as Lord Bigglesworth) is an utter utter utter bastard. He looks gorgeous with his slinky shiny black fur and big yellow eyes… but beware. If he doesn’t like what you’re doing he will give you a nip! Sometimes he likes to swipe at your feet too. It just depends on what he can reach at the time.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.53.46 AM

Mr. Biggles also clearly has his priorities in order and does what he pleases… “Mr. Biggles is a despot and dictator, he will let you know he is not happy, which is often because things are often just not up to his high standards.” Only the best for Mr. Biggles, duh!

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.53.55 AM

Mr. Biggles has no problems throwing tantrums to get his way! “Mr, Biggles does not like to be thwarted. He throws a catty tantrum if he can’t go outside when he wants to be let out… Not being fed on time, or allowed to strut across the kitchen benches helping himself to whatever is there is also a tantrum-inducing exercise.  “

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.54.01 AM

Don’t worry, Mr. Biggles has a soft side too. “…he plays with kittens and actually does love a cuddle from time to time. He loves to be involved with what you’re doing and loves to have a chat, he will respond if you talk to him.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.54.04 AM


But ultimately, Mr. Biggles wants to rule over humans with the listing going on to say, “And now I’m in trouble for telling his softie secrets so I have been ordered to say that Lord Bigglesworth believes he was put on this earth to be decorative and be worshiped by his human slaves!”

The two-year-old beautiful black cat is ready for adoption… now the question is: who is up to the task? To read Mr. Biggles full adoption listing (trust us, you’ll want to) and to apply for adoption, click here. We hope Mr. Biggles rules over his human slaves soon enough! Be sure to share the magic of Mr. Biggles with all of the cat lovers you know.

Even if you can’t adopt (yet), there are other ways you can help shelter animals.

  • Share this article with your friends and encourage them to adopt.
  • Help dispel the myths surrounding shelter pets and adoption.
  • Give shelter workers a hand by volunteering at your local animal shelter.
  • Sign up to foster an animal while they wait to find their forever family.
  • Donate money, food, toys or other pet care essentials to a shelter or rescue organization.

Image source: Cat People of Melbourne

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1 Years Ago

Cute! I had a white cat that I named Mr. Bigglesworth once.

1 Years Ago

As the current human slave to Lord Bigglesworth and group coordinator of Cat People of Melbourne, thank you for sharing Mr Biggle\'s story and for advertising the plight of cats in the US and around the world. Volunteering, sharing, and most of desexing your cat is so important, thank you for highlighting that too!

1 Years Ago

Clearly he is a cat who knows what he wants but then he is a cat. I think that is a great profile and i hope that Mr. Biggles finds the person who can live up to the task of being his servant.

Cindy Araya
1 Years Ago

Shared you Lord Bigglesworth! You gorgeous kitty!


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