Ask any animal lover and they will tell you how resilient animals are. Dogs and cats alike can thrive even if they are blind, deaf, a tripod or have another physical disability. Animals just want one simple thing: love.

Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary, an animal shelter located in Hendersonville, Tennessee, knows the power of love, so when they met Baby, they weren’t about to turn their backs on her. Baby has microphthalmia (abnormally small eyes), eyelid agenesis (upper eyelid not completely developed), and lower eyelid entropion (lower eyelid rolls back against the undersized eyes).


Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary is dedicated to helping this sweet cat. With surgery, Baby will be able to live a long happy life with the lucky person who adopts her! 

Surgery is estimated to cost between $1,200 and $1,800. But really, what’s the cost of a lifetime for purrs and cuddles?! If you’d like to help Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary, you can donate directly here. You can also call the Veterinary Ophthalmology Services, who will be performing the surgery directly at 615-690-9399 to donate!



We are so thankful Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary sees Baby’s potential and is refusing to give up on her!


You can help dispel the myths surrounding shelter pets by SHARING Baby’s story with your friends and family and encourage everyone you know to adopt their next best friend. You can also help shelter animals by opening up your home to foster an animal while they wait for their forever home. For more ways to get involved in helping shelter animals, click here.

To learn more about Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary, check out their website.

Image Source: Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary/Facebook