Do you want plant-based meats delivered to your door!? Of course, you do! The Very Good Butchers, a plant-based butchery in Victoria, British Columbia, has opened up their online ordering for us folks here in the States, and we are STOKED. The Very Good Butchers started out selling their products at local farmers’ markets in the spring of 2016 … now just two years later, they have a new business partner and are poised to dominate the plant-based protein market with their divine cuts.

The butchery offers a monthly meat club for either a one time purchase or for a subscription. The pack includes goodness like burgers, bangers, and taco stuff’ers! 


If you’re looking for individual orders of any of these plant-based meats … The Very Good Butchers have you covered there too! 

“Our goal is to make good quality meat alternatives that are as accessible as possible to everyone, whether you are looking to reduce meat consumption for environmental concerns, are already a vegan or vegetarian, or are just looking for a tasty healthier alternative,” The Very Good Butchers share on their website



The Very Good Butchers also has a restaurant with the same namesake featuring tasty vegan items such as breakfast sandwiches, huevos rancheros, British bangers, and more. For more information on The Very Good Butchers (and to order some of their plant-based meat!), check out their website.

The majority of Americans, 65 percent to be exact, believe that plant-based protein can be just as hearty and satisfying, if not more, as animal protein, so it’s no wonder The Very Good Butchers have seen such massive expansion in just a couple years. It doesn’t hurt that the overall demand for plant-based foods is up 140 percent! This is great news for animals and the planet considering industrialized animal agriculture is draining the world’s natural resources and STILL leaving millions hungry.

For more information about how you can help fix our broken food system with plant-based foods, check out the #EatForThePlanet book (and then pass it on to a friend!).


Image Source: The Very Good Butchers/Facebook