In the cartoons, Bulldogs are always portrayed as vicious guard dogs. But don’t let their tough looks fool you, Bulldogs are about as lovable as it gets. Their calm and affectionate disposition makes them a great choice for families with children and few breeds are more protective or loyal to the ones that they love.

When Harvey the Bulldog first met baby Erin, neither one of them knew what to do.

erin and harvey the bulldog

But soon, it was true love as Erin discovered the joy of Bulldog kisses!

erin and harvey the bulldog 2

In no time at all, Harvey had appointed himself Erin’s guardian, following her around when she was awake and watching out for her was she asleep.

erin and harvey the bulldog 3

When she started walking, Harvey was right there to guide her. It was nice for her to have someone her own size to enjoy a stroll with.

erin and harvey the bulldog 4

Soon, they were partners in crime. “Hey Erin, grab me one while you’re in there!”

erin and harvey the bulldog 7

Soon, little Erin was beginning to grow up, while Harvey remained the same size. What a difference a year can make!

erin and harvey the bulldog 8

When Erin got her first set of wheels, she couldn’t wait to take her bestie for a spin!

erin and harvey the bulldog 6

Growing up is hard work, but for this little girl, it’s great to know that she will always have Harvey by her side.

erin and harvey the bulldog 9

This adorable story of love and devotion is a great example of how kids and dogs can make great friends. We should all be lucky enough to find a friendship like this one!


All image source: thund3rbolt/Imgur