Is there anything better than hearing a story about kind hoomans who jumped into action to help an animal in need? It seems like every day my little floppy ears are filled with negative stories about how humans are mean or abusive towards animals, but deep in my heart of doggy hearts, I know that people can be just as kind and loving as us dogs when faced with the opportunity. Neil and Michael Fletcher, the two brothers in this story certainly fall under this nice category after they sprung into action to help save a bald eagle who was stuck in a hunting trap in Ontario, Canada.

Neil and Michael were in the woods hunting for grouse when they came across a majestic eagle who was struggling to free his talon from the trap. With the help of their brave and extremely courageous dog, the Fletchers thought on their feet and covered the bird with a hoodie to calm it down while they released the trap mechanism. Check them out in action:




Michael explained to the Sudbury Star that while his brother held on to the bird, it was calm and relaxed – almost like it knew they were there to help. There weren’t any signs of injury on the bird, so after snapping a pretty epic selfie, they sent the eagle back to the great blue yonder!




They watched the eagle for a few minutes as it perched in a nearby tree then contacted the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. The Ministry is looking into the trap and thanked the brothers for their kind action!

This is an awesome story, and I am sooo glad these two were there to help this amazing bird – but remember that you should NEVER attempt to rescue a wild animal without contacting a professional first. If you come across a wild animal in need, check out these hotlines for help.


All image source: Michael Fletcher/Facebook