Plant-based burgers have been a hot topic this year and for good reason. Beyond Meat, makers of the vegan Beyond Burger, as well as the Impossible Burger by Impossible Foods have been winning over people’s stomachs left and right. Both burgers are expanding their distribution in the U.S., proving that vegan burgers are here to stay.

And now it seems like the UK is about to get in on the plant-based burger action! Wanting to capitalize on the rising plant-based food trend, three firms, two of which are backed by billionaire Bill Gates, plan to launch their vegan burgers in the UK. One British company, Moving Mountains, has already claimed they will be the first to enter the marketplace.


Moving Mountain scientists took two years to complete the secret burger recipe, which boasts 20g of plant protein and a meaty taste. The zero-cholesterol burgers use coconut oil, wheat, potatoes, and mushrooms, creating one delicious, drool-worthy burger. 


Moving Mountains is very confident in their product and Simeon Van der Molen, the founder of the company, recently stated the burger would covert event “the most committed carnivores.” Simeon also notes that their vegan burger “…is the closest replication to animal meat in the UK but requires less land, less water and produces less greenhouse emissions.”

The reality is, not everyone is going to stop eating meat entirely – but if they have the option to choose a product that is better for the environment and animals then we could truly see a major shift in our food system. We cannot afford to keep consuming the amount of meat that we through the factory farm system. By moving away from giant animal feeding operations, that produce more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation industry … in addition to air and water pollution, and concentrating on either clean meat or plant-based alternatives, we can start to heal the planet and, importantly, feed our population without causing undue harm.

At a time when more people than ever are cutting back on meat consumption, Moving Mountains is giving consumers in the UK something that has been missing up until now: a meatless option that is practically indistinguishable from the real thing. We’re looking forward to more great things from Moving Mountains!

To learn more about the environmental impact of our food choices as well as trends and developments in the plant-based food space, check out our podcast #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias.

Image Source: Moving Mountains