German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in Taiwan. As a result of high demand, a number of dogs are subjected to the cruel fate of breeding in poor conditions just so owners can make a profit.

Dora was one of these dogs.


For most of Dora’s young life, she was confined to a small cage and bred over and over again. At just four years old, she was already suffering from overbreeding, infection, and breast cancer, reports The Pet Collective via Dogster.

After her owner deemed her useless, she was brought to veterinarians for euthanasia but the vets refused to put her down. Unsatisfied with this response, her owner left her to die in a cage on the side of the road without any food or water.

Thankfully, Dora was rescued by a good samaritan and was taken to Clala’s Paw Rescue for care. Dora stayed with Clala’s Paw Rescue for two years to be nursed back to health.

When she was ready for adoption, Claudia of Clala’s Paw Rescue “sent a plea overseas,” reports The Pet Collective. Her call was answered by Westside German Shepherd Rescue in Los Angeles, Calif., and Dora was soon brought into one of their foster care homes.

Even after all her troubles and challenges, The Pet Collective reports that Dora was still a “sweet, intelligent, and loyal dog … and harbored no ill will, no aggressive tendencies, and no fear.”

After some time in foster care, Dora (now named Nami June) found a loving forever home with a disabled veteran and is now a service dog in training.

Watch the story of Dora’s journey with the video below!


Image source: Dogster