Facing a fear of heights can sometimes be daunting. But, what’s the best way to conquer a fear … to face it! If you’re afraid of drowning, learn how to swim. If you’re scared of roller coasters, ride one in the front seat. If you’re scared of elevators, try and take one as often as you can. Repetition can cure a lot of things.

If you’re scared of heights, there are many ways of overcoming that. You can go skydiving. You can ski down a starter hill. You can climb a mountain. You can also surf … surf down a stairway banister! As this brave bird proves, sometimes it only takes the first step to get over your fear!


Stanley the African Grey parrot glides down a banister for two floors like he’s surfing a nice wave at the North Shore! He’s a bird, so you wouldn’t think he’d have a fear of heights. But, when he first starts his slide, he looks a little terrified. Of course, once he makes it safely to the bottom and receives warm reassurance from his canine friends, he looks like he’s so happy that he could just up and fly!