Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged!

In the region of Goiás in Brazil, ten-year-old Joao Gabriel Mota Garcia made himself an internet celebrity overnight by coming to the aid of an abandoned puppy. Garcia saw the puppy wandering the streets looking tired and hungry, and had to do something to help.


The kind little boy smuggled the puppy into his backpack and took him to a local pharmacy where they have a food and water station just outside the main door.

Garcia kept careful watch over his young charge making sure the puppy had enough food and water to eat before waving goodbye, happy that he had done something good!


This is the kind of good news story that just keeps getting better. The puppy has since been adopted, and the video of Garcia’s good deed has gone viral across the world. More than three million people have viewed the video already! Garcia’s mom was one of the last to know, only finding out when one of his teachers showed her the video, and she is rightly proud of her son. Businessman Rafael Carneiro de Almeida and his wife Diessa de Sousa Tomé with the help of some friends were able to track Garcia down to reward him, giving him with new sneakers and a tablet for school.


The food and water station is the work of the Animal Relief Association, who take care of a shelter with about 150 dogs from the streets. One of its founders, Josiel Pedro Barbosa, says that the idea behind the station is that they cannot rescue more dogs. By leaving these stands with food and water ensures some street dogs at least get some nourishment even if they are without a home.

We need more heroes like these in our world! There are 200 million animals living on the streets across the world today, with American contributing more than 70 million to that total. We can’t keep over-filling our shelters with these animals or ignoring their plight. We must become a nation of dog adopters, do our part to give these defenseless animals a life off the streets away from harm. Please, if you are considering an addition to your family, adopt and don’t shop! Visit your local shelter and give someone a loving new home.

Image Source: Globo