The years of adolescence are filled with all sorts of worries – fitting in at school, keeping up with grades, and of course, making friends. With the amount of things young people have to be concerned with, it can be difficult for them to step outside of themselves and consider the struggles of other species, especially those that are out of sight and out of mind. While having a dog or a cat as a companion animal around the house certainly teaches young kids about responsibility, the needs of non-human beings, and compassion, it still leaves animals like cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, and sheep, completely out of the picture. And sadly, this means much of the time the only interaction children get with these animals, is on their plates.

Considering all of these factors, when we see young people showing true empathy, sensitivity, and kindness towards farm animals, and even lending a hand, we can’t help but feel inspired. That’s why our hearts were truly warmed when we heard about a young man named Jack who decided to spend his thirteenth birthday at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary and even donate all $200 of his birthday money!


From the smile on his face, it looks like Jack is pretty happy with his decision! 

13 year old birthday


Sometimes it can feel like the problems facing farm animals are so great that if we don’t run an organization or make huge donations, we’re not really making a difference. The reality, however, is that if everyone were to donate just a little bit, an incredible impact could be made. Even those who can’t donate can raise awareness and help open peoples’ eyes about the unique and important lives of farm animals. Jack and his monetary gift will surely go to provide some care for the sanctuary residents, but the message he is sending with this kind gesture will last even longer.

Image source: Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary/Facebook