Tabitha, aka Piggy, and Susie, aka Puggy, are most definitely two peas in a pod. And as you have probably noticed from this video, Tabitha is a pink pig with splotches and Susie is a dog, a boxer: both with a ton of energy to keep each other busy for an entire afternoon. This is a seriously different take on a pig-in-a-blanket, complete with an extra hot dog — adorable, and cruelty-free at that!

Pig and dog are both rescued animals who found one another in a time when they really needed mental support, and what better way to get support than from a fellow rescue! Tabitha was just a tiny piglet when she was found abandoned on the side of a road, Susie was saved from a puppy mill situation but she doesn’t seem to have too much trouble getting along with other animals, especially Tabitha.


“Susie is an ex breeding dog, rescued from a Welsh puppy farm. The owner was successfully prosecuted, and banned, for keeping dogs in atrocious conditions,” said Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

The two will forever share a love, a bond, a friendship like none other.

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